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Important! All programs written for Windows (except the File Archivist Converter) need the vbrun100.dll file. If you don't have this, get it here and extract it to your Windows system directory.

The ZIP-files include the executable binary and a short description.

FileProgram DescriptionSystemLanguage
fa_converter.zipFile Archivist Converter
Since the cd-archiver File Archivist 5.0 by C.Wuensch has a bug which might cause data loss, you can use this programm for searching the File Archivist database and converting it into import files for alternative free software like CdCat or Disclib These files need to be extracted and started from the File Archivist directory. For more info please read the readme_converter.txt
bast.zipBig Ansi Sign Text 1.31
fixed a little bug
With this program you can make big text with ansi/ascii characters. You can paste this text into any application (IRC-Chat, Notepad). You can also create your own font.
Now it works also with Cassiopeia WWW-Chats.
sthigh.zipStunts Rekord Utility
You can write the highscores of Stunts (by Broderbund) into a text-file, and join your records with records of friends.
Compares each byte of two files.
Converts C64 text to Ansi, C64 Multiprog Data to Text, simple HTML to Ansi, removes return marks from files and other.
vokabel.zipVocabulary Trainer
Feed, quiz and print vocabulary.
zins.zipInterest Calculation
A simple interest calculating program.
reaktionstestReaction Test
A simple reaction test for more players.
Commodore 128German
joysticktestJoystick Test
Tests Commodore 128/64 joysticks.
Commodore 128German

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